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Tax Compliance

Tax Advisory
1.-Accounting diagnosis
2.-Bookkeeping and financial statement preparation
3.-Accounting supervision
4.-Bank, investments and intercompany reconciliations amongst others

1.-Monthly tax prepayment calculation
2.-Annual tax return filings
3.-Monthly and yearly informative returns calculation
4.-Schedules for statutory tax audit reports

1.-Tax reviews
2.-Tax planning strategies
3.-Day to day tax compliance supervision
4.-Permanent tax advise
5.-Tax refund claims and applying for tax credits





Welcome to Soluciones y Servicios Empresariales...


Soluciones is an accounting and tax advisory firm founded in 2002 and currently based in Monterrey, Mexico. We are a service and people oriented firm.

In Soluciones we provide services to businesses of all sizes, on every stage of their business cycle, and we have clients in different cities of the country.

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